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Rep. John James Introduces School Safety Legislative Package to Congress

Contact: Noah Sadlier


Today, Representative John James (MI-10) introduced three bills, each of which are bipartisan, to the U.S. House of Representatives to address the issue of school safety.

Rep. James released the following statement after introducing this legislative package:

“My generation was still in school when the Columbine Massacre happened. I know what it’s like to walk into class with the fear that I may not walk out. Now as the father of three school-aged boys, I pray every day that the Lord allows them to return home safe and sound. It’s insane that millions of parents have to make that prayer every day in America. It’s incensing that dozens of parents’ prayers have not been answered in a generation. Prayer is powerful but we must do more than pray. We must change policy too. The Second Amendment is not optional, and neither is keeping our kids safe from violence. We deserve an America that can protect itself from tyranny without leaving its children vulnerable to terrorism. Gun deaths are symptoms of cultural decay and hopelessness in America. Doing nothing to address those symptoms is unacceptable, which is why I’m proud to introduce this commonsense school safety package to the U.S. House of Representatives. We are tackling an area that seems to have the least number of solutions - school safety - by first addressing mental health and constitutional responsibility from both sides of the aisle with this bipartisan bill.”

The IMPROVE (Incentivize Motivated Parents with Responsible Options for Vital Education) Safety for Schools Act, co-sponsored by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, would create a tax credit of $300 to incentivize parents/guardians to purchase a gun safe or storage item.

Rep. Kaptur released the following statement in support of the IMPROVE Safety for Schools Act:

“Today the leading cause of death for children across our country is gun violence — a scourge that has taken a terrible toll on America’s families. We are introducing the bipartisan IMPROVE Safety for Schools Act to help make our children, families, schools, and communities safer,” said Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. “The bill expands firearm safety information available for parents, establishes a $300 non-refundable tax credit for firearm safety technologies including gun locks and gun safes, and expands access to information about gun safety through multiple avenues. I look forward to working together with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to enact this bipartisan common sense legislation.”

The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act, which will serve as a House companion to a Senate bill introduced by Senators Katie Britt, Tom Cotton, Chris Murphy, and Brian Schatz, would institute several changes to the way that social media companies deliver content to America’s youth. The legislation would also require guardian permission for users under 18 to create social media accounts.

Congressman Pat Ryan of New York, who is an original co-sponsor of this bill, released the following statement in support of this legislation:

“We’ve seen the devastating toll that unchecked social media practices take on our kids’ safety and mental health,” said Congressman Pat Ryan. “For too long, government has been a step behind big tech - that ends now. I’m proud to join with Congressman James to fight for common sense regulations that will keep our kids safe from social media companies’ predatory practices.”

Finally, the School Security is National Security Act, also co-sponsored by Rep. Ryan of New York, would require that the President include a plan for securing America’s schools in the administration’s National Security Strategy.

Rep. Ryan also released the following statement regarding this legislation:

“No parent dropping their kids off at school should have to worry about their child's safety,” said Congressman Pat Ryan. “I’m proud to join Congressman James on this crucial first step toward securing our schools and making sure that every child returns home safely at the end of each school day.”