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Rep. James Talks Russia, Ukraine, and CCP on Fox News: ‘I miss the days when America was feared by her enemies and respected by her allies’

Contact: Noah Sadlier
This morning, Representative John James (MI-10) joined Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo for a wide-ranging interview that included Joe Biden’s decision to deploy 3,000 reserve troops to Europe as the war in Ukraine drags on, as well as rumors that American munitions are running low.
Rep. James made the following remarks during the interview:  

“Simply saying you’re going to hold Russia accountable and stand by Ukraine is not enough. We need a clearly-articulated mission to make sure that we can protect our interests at home and abroad. We must do both, and our homeland defenses cannot be put on the backburner. Defending America first must be our number-one priority,” said James.  

Rep. James also discussed the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression, the Biden administration’s forced transition to electric vehicles, and the toll it will take on the auto industry in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District.

James said the following:

“Making sure we focus more on building things here in America, maintaining peace through our economic and manufacturing strength, making sure that we’re healthy to move forward—that’s what we need to be focused on. Not necessarily mortgaging our future to make Biden look good on the world stage,” James said.

Rep. James recently introduced the BRIDGE to DRC Act, which creates a national strategy to secure the United States’ supply chains involving critical minerals—many of which are used in EV manufacturing—sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Earlier this year, Rep. James also sponsored the National Strategy to Re-Shore Mineral Supply Chains amendment, which was included in the Republicans’ energy package.

 Watch Rep. James’ full interview here.