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Rep. John James Questions Secretary Buttigieg on Electrification Agenda

Washington, DC, September 20, 2023
Tags: Energy

Contact: Noah Sadlier

During today’s House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing, Rep. John James (MI-10) questioned Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on the Biden Administration’s environmentalist and electric vehicle agenda.
During the exchange, Rep. James questioned Buttigieg on whether the administration’s latest Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards, which require unrealistic levels of vehicle electrification, would benefit companies such as Tesla more than companies that primarily produce internal combustion vehicles, like those that employ Michiganders in James’ district.
James also pointed out that the administration’s new environmental regulations would impact car manufacturers’ profit margins, which would affect UAW worker bonuses. If companies inevitably cannot meet the new standards, they will be forced to pay penalties, thus taking away money from UAW workers.
James issued the following statement after the hearing:
“Today I confronted Secretary Buttigieg about the Biden Administration’s strict electric vehicle mandates that he supports which are hurting auto manufacturers and, in turn, auto workers in my district,” James said. “The Biden Administration, including Buttigieg, has signaled they do not care about UAW workers or the industry that supports the backbone of Michigan’s economy. They’d rather force us into a comply-or-die EV mandate that has already burned billions in American taxpayer dollars. Rest assured, I am fighting to hold this administration accountable for putting their political fantasies over real people.”

Watch Rep. James’ full exchange with Sec. Buttigieg here.